Orpheus (1863) — François-Louis Français

Β im traveling for the next few days and will be without wifi so i will only have a tiny amount of data that’s on my phone. i probably wont post a lot until thursday when i get into ottawa

also i cant stand jennifer lawrence but i love mystique…….why did they do this to me

i love magneto but i hate michael fassbender it’s hard

teenfuckingangst: Nymphomaniac

i watched the first half and thought it was ridiculous. i was disappointed because when i first heard about it i was really interested and i just had a hard time liking itΒ 

jemblythe: twin peaks: fire walk with me / david lynch

fwwm is one of my top fav movies. it scares me and upsets me though so i haven’t watched it in a while.Β 

and i dont think i can properly express how much i love david lynch. he calls kyle maclachlan kale. he literally calls him that instead of kyle. i love him so much.Β